Pumps and Compressors

Tasso is a proud supplier of cast iron parts for the industry of pumps and compressors. Compressors are used for compression and transportation of air and gases, while pumps are used for the transportation of liquids. Our grey and ductile iron castings provide an excellent balance between strength and value for our customers. For the production of rotors, Tasso-Bar cast iron demonstrate substantial advantages over sand castings and steel in terms of improved vibration damping, strength and significant noise reduction.

Applications for this industry also includes screw and vane compressors, crankshafts, gears, housings, cylinders, pistons, shaft couplings, and piston rings inserts.

Quality you can count on

When you work with Tasso, you can be sure that your cast iron parts meet the highest quality and environmental standards. No matter your project, you need to know that your cast iron parts will perform as needed and will stand the test.

Tasso can supply full traceability of all parameters from incoming raw material to supply of cast iron bars or semi-machined products hereof with full 3.1 traceability according to EN 10204:2004.

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Discover suitable TassoBar products

Grey Iron for Pumps and Compressors
Grey iron is the ideal choice of material for low pressure applications.
Ductile Iron for Pumps and Compressors
Ductile iron is the ideal of material for high pressure applications.
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