Hydraulics and Pneumatics

Fluid handling is an integral part of a large number of manufacturing processes. As your cast iron bar specialist, Tasso understands this and because we do, manufacturers in the hydraulic and pneumatic industry rely on us for their material needs. Tasso produces a range of both grey and ductile iron grades which are ideally suited for hydraulic and pneumatic applications. Our iron castings provide accuracy, strength, and durability needed for these heavy-duty applications. Cast iron is an ideal material for use in fluid power applications that demands high volumes of cycles. For example, the self-lubricating properties of continuous cast iron help create cylinders that can stand up to years of reciprocation.

The following materials are ideally suited for both stationary and mobile hydraulic applications in the sector of both off- and on-road equipment, wind industry, shipbuilding, oil industry both on land and offshore. Other associated applications are for example cylinder blocks, hydraulic manifolds, mounting flanges, hydraulic pistons, pump bodies, valves, damper pistons, valves guides, rotors, and spools.

Quality you can count on

When you work with Tasso, you can be sure that your cast iron parts meet the highest quality and environmental standards. No matter your project, you need to know that your cast iron parts will perform as needed and will stand the test.

Tasso can supply full traceability of all parameters from incoming raw material to supply of cast iron bars or semi-machined products hereof with full 3.1 traceability according to EN 10204:2004.

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Grey Iron for Hydraulic and Pneumatic Applications
Grey iron is the ideal choice of material where dimensional stability and wear resistance is required.
Ductile Iron for Hydraulic and Pneumatic Applications
Ductile iron is the ideal choice of material for high-pressure applications.
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