Sustainability at Tasso

At Tasso we believe that our ability to make a positive impact is a key measure of the company’s success. We strive to be a responsible and trustworthy business partner by generating sustainable value for all our stakeholders while acting responsibly and balancing environmental, social, and financial issues. At Tasso, there is no separate strategy for sustainability. Instead, sustainability is at the core of our business strategy aiming to align our activities and targets with sustainable development.

As a global supplier across a wide range of industries, we can play an active part in making our environment more sustainable. As our products are destined to become part of the industrial solutions businesses rely on every day, we remain dedicated to minimising our operational footprint and increase our positive impact in every way we can. Our goal is to make a positive contribution to society and to sustain the communities in which we operate, through the value we create, the employment we provide, and through the value of the products we manufacture.

Supporting the UN SDGs

We support the UN Sustainability Goals with a particular focus on goal no. 12 “Responsible Consumption and Production” because this is where we can make a real difference to the environment and our business.


In recognition of our changing business environment, as well as our long-term commitment to sustainability, we embarked on the process of mapping our direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions for scope 1 and 2 in 2020.

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Areas of activity

At Tasso, we structure our work on sustainability in terms of three distinct areas, which serve as the pillars of strategic sustainability management within the company.