Advantages of cast iron

The advantages of TassoBar cast iron can both be found in the bar itself and as by-products of the process. For 60 years, Tasso has provided value for those needing an efficient cast iron production of their component parts. In manufacturing, the clean, sand-free surface and the fine-grained microstructure of cast iron from Tasso results in significant reductions in tool wear and processing times in machining – which means improved efficiency and productivity for you. Above all, TassoBar continuous cast iron offers numerous structural and physical advantages over other materials such as steel, aluminium and sand castings because of the unique manufacturing methods of continuous casting.  By letting Tasso take care of the casting, cutting and pre-machining of your parts you will improve your performance and cash flow and at the same time reduce the waste (chips) from machining. That means that TassoBar can be tailored in a way that best meet your need – when you need it.

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Tasso cast iron bars are produced with the machinist and end-user in mind. The Tasso continuous casting process and the product’s graphite properties result in faster machining and less scrap over carbon and alloy steels. The superior machinability is possible due to the graphite giving it natural chip breaking abilities and resulting in precision machining at optimal speeds. Our products can be machined constantly faster allowing you to reduce downtime and improve efficiency.

  •   Microscopic equally dispersed graphite particles ensure superior machinability
  •   Exceptional dimensional stability due to the production process with integrated stress relieving
  •   Less machining allowance from Tasso raw- or pre-machined bar material will help you focus on your core business
  •   Machining speeds and feed rate can be increased compared to steel and sand castings
  •   Decreased downtime for tool change compared to steel and sand castings
Cast iron offers several benefits compared to steel, such as improved corrosion resistance, castability along with a homogenous hardness and structure over the cross section. And thanks to a low density of 7,3 kg/dm3, Tasso cast iron can provide you a significant weight reduction.
Material from Tasso has a consistent and fine-grained microstructure, which is free from sand, dross, and carbides. Thanks to the uniform microstructure of cast iron, the material offers superior machinability compared to traditional sand castings. With TassoBar, there are no defects like those typically found in castings – e.g., porosity, slag, hard spots, shrinkage.
Cast iron from Tasso will help you save time and money by improved machinability, minimized deburring and lower cost pr. weight unit. Due to the superior wear resistance and high strength, cast iron is a cost-effective and efficient material conversion for your high-efficiency parts.



The warehouse of Tasso holds a permanent stock of more than 3000 tons of cast iron bars in various shapes, sizes and grades. Concast bars are theoretically speaking endless and are therefore cut to appropriate lengths. Bars kept in stock are as standard 3 metres long. Non-standard stock lengths is available upon request. The bars can be as-cast, pre-machined or heat treated in order to decrease your processing time and increase your productivity.

TassoBar is dispersed through an authorized network of wholesalers across Europe, Canada and New Zealand. These wholesalers hold a local inventory of TassoBar and can provide you with a various processing services. This mean shorter lead times and fast delivery to your gate. Locate a Tasso wholesaler near you here.
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