Mould and Tool Manufacturing

When customers in the tool and mould manufacturing industry need quality parts for their operations, they turn to Tasso. Tasso supplies both grey and ductile iron castings for moulds, forms, and tooling for mould manufacturing companies. Cast iron has many industrial applications for tool mould manufacturing that does not require high load-bearing strength. Tasso cast iron offers various advantages over traditional sand castings. Due to its uniform microstructure, Tasso-Bar is much easier and cost-effective to machine. Let Tasso do the first step of your machining process – having Tasso provide both the raw material and the pre-machined mould component is far more cost-effective than sourcing another provider to produce for you.

Applications for the mould manufacturing industry include forms, moulds, vacuum form and many more.

Quality you can count on

When you work with Tasso, you can be sure that your cast iron parts meet the highest quality and environmental standards. No matter your project, you need to know that your cast iron parts will perform as needed and will stand the test.

Tasso can supply full traceability of all parameters from incoming raw material to supply of cast iron bars or semi-machined products hereof with full 3.1 traceability according to EN 10204:2004.

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Discover suitable TassoBar products

Grey Iron for Mould and Tool Manufacturing
Grey iron the ideal choice of material where low strength, high mass, and good vibration damping properties are required.
Ductile Iron for Mould and Tool Manufacturing
Ductile iron is the Ideal choice of material where high strength and medium vibration damping properties are required.
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