Quality is never compromised

We emphasize quality in both manufacturing and customer service. Therefore, we aim to ensure the highest standards, i.e. from operator control to in-house quality control by our quality assurance department. Quality control is a constant point of attention. Our quality control process involves monitoring the quality throughout the entire production process according to the international standard EN16482, subsequently to EN1561 and EN1563. An important part of our mission is to constantly improve our quality and knowledge about the continuous casting process and cast iron bars. That is also why our quality management system is certified according to ISO 9001. At Tasso, our experienced employees use relevant inspection equipment as well as our professional expertise to assess the material continuously during the manufacturing process. Our quality assurance department and metallurgist systematic carry out the following inspections and testing:

•   Thermal Analysis
•   Chemical Analysis
•   Brinell Hardness Test
•   Tensile Testing
•   Microstructure Investigation
•   Impact Toughness Test (Charpy Test)

Inspection Certificates and Traceability

We issue inspection certificates according to EN 10204:2004 that declares that the cast iron products are in compliance with the order requirements and supply test results. Tasso uses several procedures to maintain traceability of materials and tests conducted on our products, and various levels of conformance certificates can be issued to you.

Type 2.2 Test Report

We issue as standard certificates of conformity type 2.2 which contains information about the minimum tensile testing values which the material must have according to the standard.

Type 3.1 Inspection Certificate

A 3.1 certificate from Tasso contains information about the casting date of the material, tensile testing results from a random specimen in the production, actual chemical analysis of the batch which the specimen is cast from, microstructure properties as well as the average hardness value of the production. The 3.1 certificate can give us the possibility to track the material and find the relevant information about chemistry and mechanical properties if required by the customer.

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Our commitment to quality is demonstrated by our ISO accredited status

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