Tasso cast iron is available in a variety of grades and dimensions. The profiles are manufactured in both flake and SG iron.


We offer you a list of pre-machining services which will help you focus on your core business and perform more parts per machining hour.


Cast iron can be applied in a variety of industries – from hydraulics and pneumatics, oil and gas to tool and mould manufacturing.

About Tasso

Tasso is your cast iron bar specialist with more than 50 years of expertise with continuous cast iron bars.


We have a strong commitment to the objectives of sustainability and resource efficiency in every corner of our business.

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A number of wholesalers across Europe, Canada and New Zealand stock TassoBar cast iron products.

Tasso cast iron is available in a variety of grades, which makes it possible for you to choose the optimal matrix and mechanical properties for your component. Besides standard grey and ductile iron grades we are also able to produce customer specific grades.
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Improve your business by using Tasso cast iron bars. Tasso cast iron bar material can lower your overall cost and improve part performance.

Tons of cast iron produced annually


Shipping countries worldwide


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Unique dimensions and grades

Tasso is specialised in the entire process of manufacturing continuous cast iron bars, including casting, heat treatment and pre-machining. We strive to collaborate with our customers in a spirit of partnership, which means that we work together with you throughout the entire production process – from initial drawing, choice of material, pre-machining, to shipment, thus enabling us to implement customer specific and high-quality products.