Cast iron for a sustainable future

Sustainability has always been an integral part of who we are. We diverte materials such as steel and iron scrap from landfills, and instead use them as raw materials in the melting process to create new products. However, manufacturing of cast iron includes some highly energy-consuming processes, which is why reduction of energy consumption is a key priority to us.

As one of Europe’s leading producers of continuous cast iron bars, we are dedicated to both managing our operations responsibly and to improvements of our business processes and ways of working. For more than a decade, Tasso has been conducting structured improvement work focusing on optimizing the consumption of resources and minimising our climate impact in every corner of our business areas. We systematically map and analyse our data of emissions, waste, energy- and water consumption in order to keep track of the development. We are committed to the manufacture of more sustainable operations and products that contribute to solutions which are stronger, last longer and use fewer resources to produce.

Since 2014, we have provided district heating to the local municipality by recovering the heat generated from our melting, casting, and heat treatment processes. Today, Tasso supplies heat corresponding to the needs of around 300+ average single-family households.
Eliminating waste is one of Tasso’s main environmental focus areas. Instead of letting waste end as landfill, we continuously work on turning more residual products into resources for new products. One result from our initiatives to reduce waste is that approx. 550 tons of slag from our foundry is recycled as material for construction of new buildings each year.
We have changed the lighting systems in areas of our production facilities, fitting more than 200+ high-efficient and intelligent LED-panels which cover key areas of the production floor. By reducing electricity consumption, we reduce our carbon footprint in the process. This initiative has reduced our CO2 emissions with 335 tons since 2012.

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End of life recycling

Cast iron is 100% recyclable and is highly recycled. Cast iron can be recycled at the end of life to form products that are of the same standard and quality as the original material. The scrap collection infrastructure is well developed and the most environmental friendly recycling is to sell the cast iron scrap to a local steel scrap trader. The best selling price can be achieved when the worn out application is dismantled correct and the cast iron is separated from other materials. Every tonne of scrap recovered substitutes one tonne of primary steelmaking. This can happen again and again, with existing technology and without degradation of the chemical elements.