At Tasso, generations of foundry experience, process control and innovative technology converge to supply high-quality grey iron and ductile iron castings that shape advancements in many key industrial sectors. We are proud to call ourselves cast iron bar specialists, based on our more than 160 years of foundry experience. We are pioneers in the cast iron bar manufacture process that started its commercial era more than half a century ago. Tasso is specialised in the entire process of manufacturing continuous cast iron bars, including casting, heat treatment and pre-machining.

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Processing options

Our cast iron processing options enables us to supply your raw materials in grades, sizes, lengths, and with surface finishes that are one-step closer to the quality component you have in mind. We have all necessary know-how and facilities in-house to perform our scope of supply. The material can be supplied to you as-cast at full bar lengths, with first stage processing completed, or customized to meet our specific requirement by pre-machining.