Glass Mould Manufacturing

Glass mould manufacturing is a vital area of application for continuous casting. Tasso supplies quality cast iron which is specifically attuned for special thermal glass industry requirements. We have been present in the glass segment for many years, and with our unique range of products in both grey and ductile iron grades we are the natural choice of supplier. In addition to a large range of round profiles, Tasso also produces special profiles for the glass industry, e.g. half-round or D-profiles, which help to reduce costs significantly as less machining of these customized materials is required.

Applications for the glass industry include for example full moulds, neck rings, baffles, funnels, plungers, sleeves. Cast iron from Tasso is among other things used for the production of glass bottles as well as float glass applications.

Quality you can count on

When you work with Tasso, you can be sure that your cast iron parts meet the highest quality and environmental standards. No matter your project, you need to know that your cast iron parts will perform as needed and will stand the test.

Tasso can supply full traceability of all parameters from incoming raw material to supply of cast iron bars or semi-machined products hereof with full 3.1 traceability according to EN 10204:2004.

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Grey Iron for Glass Manufacturing Applications
The grades EN-GJL-150C and EN-GJL-150C-A (special alloyed grade) are primarily used for the production of glass moulds and glass mould neck rings.
Ductile Iron for Glass Manufacturing Applications
The grades EN-GJS-400-15C and EN-GJS-600-3C are often used in the production of plungers.
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