For many customers, the most inefficient manufacturing operations are the initial ‘machining-to-size’ operations that tie-up machines and operators that are meant to be doing more complicated work. This is where we can help. Tasso offers a wide range of additional services with one goal in mind: to provide the right material at the right time, helping customers save time and money. After pre-machining, the components are typically 10-20 % lighter than the as-cast full length bars. The reduced part weight will not only make the parts easier for your employees to handle, but it will also reduce shipping costs. We perform different material processing services – milling, cutting, turning and more. All services are available for you on up to three shifts a day depending on the actual workload.

We supply machine shops with continuous cast iron for their specific cutting, turning, peeling, and milling needs.

Tasso’s in-house rough processing and precision machining capabilities

In our machine shop we can produce large and small orders of pre-machined components. We have a variety of machine tools in-house to provide you with dependable rough processing and pre-machining services. Our machining capabilities include:

•   Cutting
•   Peeling
•   Traditional and CNC turning
•   Milling of 2-4-6 sides
•   Automated CNC milling
•   Chamfering
First stage processing by pre-machining
triangle with all three sides equal

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Are you curious about whether we can manufacture the parts you need?

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