BIRN Group publishes sustainability report for 2023

6 May 2024
BIRN Group publishes sustainability report for 2023
For the second year in a row, the BIRN Group, which TASSO are a part of, are publishing a sustainability report for the entire BIRN Group. The sustainability report for 2023 is structured according to the areas Environment (E), Social (S) and Governance (G) to provide the best overall picture of where we stand as a company and a group in relation to climate, environmental, social and governance initiatives, all of which must support the upcoming EU sustainability reporting requirements.

Increasing demands and expectations for sustainability

TASSO and the BIRN Group will be subject to the EU sustainability reporting requirements from 2026, but we are already seeing increasing demands and expectations for sustainability from our customers. That is why we spent part of 2023 collecting data and preparing EPDs for the cast iron elements used in our customers' finished products.

- Data has been the focal point of the 2023 report, enabling us to make the best and most effective decisions when it comes to sustainability. We are constantly looking for opportunities to optimize the way we use energy in our companies, says Claus Beier, Group CEO of BIRN Group.

Among other things, TASSO have invested in five new oxyfuel heating systems, which we expect will reduce our energy consumption for heating transport ladles and molding lines by up to 75 percent.

- We are continuously working to reduce our energy consumption and are willing to invest in equipment and projects that can contribute to minimizing our climate footprint. The new oxyfuel heating systems - also known as burners - are a good example of this. The new burners can also run on hydrogen, so we won't be dependent on natural gas in the future, says our Managing Director, Kristian B. Pedersen.

Well-being and job satisfaction are high priorities

Happy and satisfied employees are crucial for TASSO to run a successful business. We therefore maintain and develop our strong focus on well-being and job satisfaction for all our employees, including through our annual employee satisfaction survey.

- Based on last year's employee satisfaction survey, we have developed and implemented several action plans to improve the working environment and well-being in the company. According to the positive results of this year’s survey, this work has paid off, which we are very pleased with and proud of, concludes Kristian B. Pedersen.

Read BIRN Group's Sustainability Report 2023

You can read more about our sustainability work within climate, social responsibility, and corporate governance in the sustainability report 2023:


Sustainability report