Forging Excellence: Adamet-Niemet and TASSO in Continuous Cast Iron Collaboration

16 January 2024
Forging Excellence: Adamet-Niemet and TASSO in Continuous Cast Iron Collaboration
To supply continuous cast iron bars to the Eastern and Central European markets, TASSO collaborates with Adamet-Niemet, one of the biggest metal and iron distributors in Europe.

The European market for iron and steel castings is expected to grow by 5 percent annually until 2027, according to market reports. To meet this rising demand, TASSO has teamed up with Adamet-Niemet, one of the largest distributors of metal and iron solutions in Eastern and Central Europe.

TASSO is renowned for its high-quality cast iron bars, and our dedication to employing cutting-edge technologies in the iron casting process ensures that Adamet receives a superior raw material that meets the stringent standards of its operations.

- By sourcing continuous cast iron from TASSO, we can provide our customers with a broader range of high-quality cast iron bar solutions. This not only strengthens Adamet's market position but also allows us to respond more effectively to the evolving needs of our customers, says Bernadeta Olbrycht-Ozylo, Sales Manager at Adamet-Niemet.

Continuous casting technology offers numerous structural and physical advantages, and with an ISO 9001 quality management certification, as well as ISO 14001 environmental management and ISO 50001 energy management certifications, customers of Adamet-Niemet can expect high quality and environmental standards when purchasing continuous cast iron bars from TASSO.

- The Polish metal and iron market is fast moving, so when we receive a request from a customer, we must move fast as well. Here, TASSO and its Polish partners are always quick to respond to any inquiry we might have, they are flexible and have the right certifications in place, explains Bernadeta Olbrycht-Ozylo.

Adamet-Niemet employs more than 100 steel people across its warehouses in Poland. TASSO benefits from this collaboration by tapping into Adamet's extensive distribution network and market reach in Eastern and Central Europe.

- Adamet's presence in the industry opens new avenues for TASSO to showcase and distribute our exceptional continuous cast iron bars to a wider audience. As Adamet acts as a bridge between TASSO and our customers, the collaboration fosters a sense of synergy, where the strengths of each partner complement the other, says Commercial Director at TASSO, Henrik Elmkvist.