Staler-Bar Connects TASSO to the Eastern European Market

1 December 2023
Staler-Bar Connects TASSO to the Eastern European Market
Polish steel and iron distributor, Staler-Bar, is connecting TASSO with the Polish market, supplying top-quality continuous cast iron bars to customers in the Eastern European country.

Poland ranks among the world's leading nations in iron and steel manufacturing. Market reports indicate that the Polish iron and steel manufacturing industry has experienced an annual growth rate of 4.2% since 2018, reaching €9.6 billion this year. Polish iron companies have a significant demand for continuous cast iron to support their ongoing expansion, making the Eastern European market increasingly important for TASSO.

In response to this demand, TASSO has partnered up with Staler-Bar, a Polish steel and iron distributor, to connect Denmark's oldest iron foundry to customers in the Polish market seeking high-quality cast iron bars.

- We understand the challenges our clients face, as well as the culture and mindset within the industry. We are renowned for our proactive approach and our commitment to staying updated with the latest market developments,  says Jakub Dzieginski, CEO of Staler-Bar.

With the help of Staler-Bar, TASSO can offer its continuous iron bar solutions to the Polish market in various types and dimensions, including round, square, rectangular, and customer-specific profiles made from gray cast iron (GJL) and ductile iron (GJS).

- TASSO's advanced manufacturing processes result in top-quality cast iron bars that significantly reduce tool wear and processing times, ultimately enhancing efficiency and productivity for our customers. In addition to casting, TASSO also provides cutting and pre-machining of parts, optimizing performance, cash flow, and reducing waste from machining,  concludes Jakub Dzieginski.