Tasso Communication on Progress report 2021

25 August 2022
Tasso Communication on Progress report 2021
In November 2020, Tasso joined the United Nations Global Compact, to contribute actively and voluntarily to the implementation of the 10 universally accepted principles in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption. Following our commitment to the UN Global Compact we are happy to announce, that we have just published our first Communication on Progress (CoP) report for the calendar year 2021.

Tasso has a long-standing commitment to sustainability. Becoming a participant in the UN Global Compact is an important part of making a step change in our approach to sustainability, focusing on managing our own impacts and risks. In this report, we present an overview of our business activities, challenges, dilemmas and our footprint. And we inform on the progress carried out in the areas of the Global Compact and describe the measures that have been adopted and the results that have been obtained.

“I am pleased to confirm Tasso’s continuous support of the ten principles of the Global Compact with respect to human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption. We are convinced that our continuous commitment to the Global Compact initiative is beneficial for Tasso, our customers and society at large. With our first CoP report, we express our aim to advance those principles within our sphere of influence”, says Managing Director, Kristian Bundgaard Pedersen.

We joined the initiative with the intention to strengthen our social and environmental work. Since then, we have taken many measures to ensure that the way we do business aligns with the UN’s ten principles. Nevertheless, there is still lots of work ahead of us.

“As Managing Director, I am very proud to present to you our first CoP and I look forward to sharing with you our progress in future reports. Our company may be 166 years old, but our sustainability journey has only just begun”, says Managing Director, Kristian Bundgaard Pedersen.

About the report
The report covers relevant and significant environmental, social and governance activities for the 2021 calendar year for Tasso A/S. Our focus areas are primarily the environment and labour rights. Because the UN principles are integrated into Danish legislation, human rights and anti-corruption are not areas we have had any active dealings with so far. As per 16 February 2021 Tasso A/S aquired Bernareggi S.r.l. The integration of the ten principles at Bernareggi is scheduled for 2022/23. Therefore, this years report will not cover Bernareggi figures.

The report is now available on our corporate website, as well as on the website of the UN Global Compact.